Planet x if u haven't heard about this.This is cause the government is keeping quiet.We have known about this  for almost 3 years now that it's getting closer the world is starting to take desperate measures to survive. Everyone please open your heart to Jesus if you keep giving him the cold shoulder, he will give you it back. Stop being to proud to say that nothing will happen cause that's the devil working his way inside you. So please start trying to make it alright with God.You need to know, so this is just the place to find out. And for those who probably don't know a lot keep reading and find out.

 If any questions or comments you want to ask feel free to ask. You can go down this page and leave me a offline message  thanks.

 This planet is now visible in the sky it appears to be a very bright star. But it is really the planet it appears better right before the sun comes up...

The government is going to sign a treaty of a new world government in December which is only a few weeks way. So wake up people!!! We are in the end of times we will have all our rights taken away from us we will not even have freedoms. Please just read this and watch this video you will be blessed for it thaks.

 Now i have had several approach's about people talking to me about how things have happened to them. So i wanna share what God is telling me through other's. I have a friend that told me and my mom when we went to her house to visit about what happened to her. So we was siting talking and all of a sudden she said she felt like she needs to tell us about what happened to her. Cause she knew we are religious. Her husband was blessed with disability cause he had a brain tumor. She told us she was shopping in good will for curtains for her new home. When she was shopping she was in a little space in the part of the store and a black man approached her and she was kinda stuck in the small space so she had to listen to the man speak to her. He told her that he wants to speak to her about God then she said ok. He started telling her about how she had a humble heart and how she is the chosen one. Because she had such a humble heart and how she was such a good person. And then he started talking about how he said all people make mistakes but they still are good people. And then he said you don't need to tell me nothing sister because i know you are a good person. And then she told us that the man mentioned her children and she didn't say anything to him about her children. He told her that her children make mistakes and how she needs to teach that child. Then she told us that she and her son got in a big fight over the phone before this happened. She was crying the whole time she told us about it. Then she said she was a lot more happy and she felt more humble hearted after that happened. We said she was filled with the holy spirit and she just shook her head and i said i believe it is....Now that is a answer from our prayers to watch over our loved ones and knock on there doors with the Holy Spirit.

 This is a actual video of a huge ball of light which they are trying to say is a meteor this is a very recent video which happened Wednesday, April 14,2010  which is just a theory.I have a sister that is with a trucker. She and him are always driving in there truck. She said she had a very vivid dream about the same thing that happened is what she dreamed. She told me what happened in her dream. she said her boyfriend was driving. And she was talking to him when the night sky lit up. And she saw a huge ball of light pass through. Then she asked her boyfriend if he saw it and he said yes. Then she said they talked about it a little while. Then she said i winder what that was and he said what. He completely forgot about it after it happened.

 They call planet x the red planet quite naturally cause it's hot....But others say it's a cold planet nobody really knows NASA has discovered it but they are keeping quiet cause the Government. 

 NASHVILLE, Tennessee | Thu Jan 6, 2011 5:14pm EST

(Reuters) - The deaths of 5,000 red-winged blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas have been blamed on New Year's Eve fireworks, officials confirmed on Thursday, citing preliminary tests.

"It's looking more and more like that," said Keith Stephens, spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. It appears unusually loud noises frightened the birds out of their nighttime roost, and they may have flown into trees, houses and other objects, the commission said in a statement.

Blackbirds have poor night vision and typically do not fly at night.

Meanwhile, wildlife officials reported other mass blackbird deaths in Louisiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.

While the deaths have sparked multiple theories, bird experts say these types of birds tend to roost at night in huge numbers, and a disturbance can easily cause some to be disoriented and collide with buildings or trees.

Also, flocks tend to be larger in the American South in the wintertime, because the southern population is augmented by birds from the north, according to Michael Seymour, non-game ornithologist with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Seymour said these large die-offs are "unfortunate" but "not unusual."

About 450 red-winged blackbirds and starlings were found along a stretch of highway in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, a few days after the Arkansas deaths.

About 120 blackbirds were found in Wilson County in central Tennessee between Christmas and New Year's Eve, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

In Murray County, Kentucky, several hundred grackles, red-winged blackbirds and starlings were found within several blocks near Murray State University last week. Mark Marraccini, spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, said no toxins were discovered, and it was not known how the birds died. "They're still looking into it," he said.

The Tennessee birds had been dead too long to determine what killed them, said Lt. Jim Hooper of the TWRA. He said he hadn't seen numbers like this in his 22 years with the agency.

"It was an odd deal," said Hooper.

Melanie Driscoll, director of bird conservation, Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Flyway, National Audubon Society said that birds like blackbirds and starlings roost in large congregations, of 100,000 or more. Compared to the size of the roost, 500 too 5,000 birds "isn't a big number," Driscoll said.

Tests on the Louisiana birds showed physical trauma, and the birds could have run into nearby power lines, said Seymour. He said the birds don't get electrocuted, but die from impact, "like running into a wall."

Seymour noted that in the winter, northern birds migrating to the south add to populations there, creating roosts of "literally millions" of birds.

Human causes, such as fireworks, power lines, or a collision with a truck, may explain avian deaths, wildlife experts say.

Stephens said it may be a couple of weeks before the Arkansas commission gets results on what killed up to 100,000 fish in the Arkansas River, about 125 miles away from where the dead birds were found. Stephens said that disease may have caused the fish die-off, since they are all one species, the bottom-feeding drum.

The Arkansas events do not appear related, Stephens said. (Writing by Mary Wisniewski, with reporting by Tim Ghianni and Alister Doyle, Editing by Greg McCune)


 This is a very factual video i was surfing through the internet and found this video. This video is very blunt on the subject.

(At the end of part  

1 the video there will be the rest of this video that will pop up on the bottom just find part 2 and click on it to keep going on the video.Just continue in order of the parts)

 The video below here is one of a mostly preferred Christian network on tv.This is a full series of 2012 theorie's and facts about 2012.

Scroll down at the bottom of page and turn of tthe player to turn off music thanks. 

 It list in the Bible that the Jewish Temple will be built. When the temple is built the Anticrist will walk up to the temple and will sit on the temple thrown. He will take the presence of a man. Then he will claim himself as God.If the rapture were to happen before this anticrist. The people left behind from the rapture will be so confused when their kids leave and their other loved ones dissapear.So when the anticrist claims himseld as God the peope will worship him and follow him.The temple is being built in Islam right now in our time. Islam has been working on the temple for a long time. 

 As you can see it has been on news!!!

It's on out christian network to also!!!


  When the Rapture happens, there will be far less people taken than is generally believed. It will be as in the days of Noah and as in the days of Lot. The last church age, that of the Laodiceans, is rejected-ref Rev 3:16.
    Nevertheless, even though the percentage of people that will be taken will be very small, still the number will be considerable. As a result, we may expect there could be some airplanes crashing, automobiles out of control, wives or husbands in a panic, children left with no parents, or some parents left with no children.
    Most believe the bodies of the raptured people will disappear. A few believe the bodies will just drop over dead.
    There will be some "so-called" Christians—whose lamp went out—that will recognize the Rapture happened and that they were left behind-ref Mt 25:8-11. They appear to be terrified and shocked. It can be expected that some will be screaming and crying. What lies ahead for the world is the most horrifying and disastrous time that the earth has ever experienced since man has existed.
    We can only speculate just how this will affect the world and what explanation will be given by the world’s leaders and news media. It is undoubtedly true that most of the world will not believe such an event as the Rapture really happened.

                                             After the Rapture, the Antichrist comes forth. He goes forth to accomplish his mission. He goes forth conquering and to conquer. However, his coming forth would be many years into the future from Daniel’s time. As it is written, AND THE VISION OF THE EVENING AND THE MORNING WHICH WAS TOLD IS TRUE: WHEREFORE SHUT THOU UP (or seal) THE VISION; FOR IT SHALL BE FOR MANY DAYS (it concerns the distant future-NIV)-Dan 8:26.

    The following are references to the Antichrist

  • The Antichrist held back, because the church has not been raptured

  • The Rapture comes

  • The restraining power to hold back the Antichrist is removed

  • He is revealed in his time-ref 2 Thes 2:6

  • The Antichrist can come forth

  • Then shall that wicked be revealed-ref 2 Thes 2:8

  • The Antichrist comes forth

  • He is revealed in his time-ref 2 Thes 2:6 (repeat)

  • His coming forth would be many years into the future from Daniel’s time-ref Dan 8:26

  • Then shall that wicked be revealed-ref 2 Thes 2:8 (repeat)

  • Antichrist shall come-ref 1 Jn 2:18

  • A beast rises up out of the sea-ref Rev 13:1

  • A little horn came up-ref Dan 7:8

  • Another king shall rise after them-ref Dan 7:24

  • The man of sin revealed-ref 2 Thes 2:3

  • He is the prince that shall come-ref Dan 9:26

  • He shall come in his own name-ref Jn 5:43

  • Whose coming is after the working of Satan-ref 2 Thes 2:9

  • A king shall stand up-ref Dan 8:23

  • He is the rider on a white horse-ref Rev 6:2

  • A crown is given unto him-Rev 6:2

  • He went forth-ref Rev 6:2

  • This day (day one of the Tribulation) is a special date. Some form of a covenant, treaty, or agreement will be confirmed for seven years. The two main parties involved that are mentioned in the Scriptures are Israel and the Antichrist. Others will also be included, but who they are is not certain. The provisions of this agreement are not made clear in the Scriptures, however, it appears, it may be some form of peace treaty.
        The exact day that this covenant is confirmed, or signed, is the first day of the Tribulation.
        It is written, AND HE (the Antichrist, who is to arise from the people [the Roman Empire] that came and destroyed Jerusalem and the temple, approximately 70 A.D.) SHALL CONFIRM THE COVENANT (or treaty, or agreement, or peace accord) WITH MANY (with Israel and others) FOR ONE WEEK (or one seven, or for seven years)-Dan 9:27. Each day represents one year. It is important to note, the confirming (or perhaps the signing) of this covenant marks the "beginning" of the Tribulation.
        Bible scholars generally agree that the Tribulation is 7 x 360 days long, a total of 2520 days. It is generally agreed that it is divided into two parts, each 1260 days long.

        It is written, IT IS YET FOR A TIME APPOINTED-Dan 11:35

Ezekiel 38:1-6 (NIV)1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 ”Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal; prophesy against him 3 and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. 4 I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army–your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. 5 Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, 6 also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops–the many nations with you

Magog, Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal are ancient tribes that occupied the geographical area of modern day Russia, and parts of Iran and Turkey.  Magog, Meshech and Tubal were sons of Japheth.  Magog’s descendants, according to Josephus[1], were the Scythians.  The Scythians occupied an area above the Black Sea in modern day Ukraine and western Russia.

Gog and Magog are mentioned also in the book of Revelation, which will be covered toward the end of this study.  However it is the author’s understanding that in Ezekiel, Magog is a geographical reference, along with Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, while in Revelation Gog and Magog are symbolic references to all nations without Christ whom are susceptible to Satanic deception.

Meshech is seen by many biblical scholars as the ancestors of the Russian people.  It is believed that several Russian geographical names, such as Moscow, the Meschera tribe and the Meshchera Lowlands, could be related to Meshech.

Tubal, also being a son of Japheth, is almost always coupled with Meshech in scripture.  Tubal’s descendants are thought to be the Tiberini of the Greek historian Herodotus, a people of the Asiatic highland west of the Upper Euphrates, the southern range of the Caucasus, on the east of the Black Sea.[2]  In modern terms, this could include Turkish and Iranian areas to the south and Russian areas to the north.

Rosh was the seventh son of Benjamin in Genesis 46:21.  The geographical location of Rosh’s descendants are difficult to trace, but in this text are seemingly in the same general area “far from the north” as the other ancient nations referenced.  Coincidentally, tracing “from the far north” from Israel, in a straight line, one arrives at Moscow, Russia. 

The prophecy is spoken against “Gog,” who is referenced as the ruler of Meshech and Tubal.  Specifically he is named as “the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.”  To that end, Gog may be understood as a title, such as “Caesar.”  Because the prophecy is spoken against Gog, it is apparent that the area consistent with modern day Russia is the leading nation in this attack, as Gog is the chief prince of nations which formerly occupied that geographical area.  This is a coalition attack of numerous people groups, in retrospect, fitting well with Jesus’ words examined earlier in Matthew 24 of wide-spread warfare as a birth pain pointing toward the times of the end.

Verses 5 and 6 note other nations involved in the attack:  Persia (present day Iran), Cush (modern day Ethiopia), Put (modern day Somalia), Gomer, referred to as Germania in the Midrash and the Talmud (modern day Germany) and Togarman (Armenia).

Many have attempted to determine the nations involved in this attack by historical evidences rather than the Bible itself.  This has led many to turn away from the “Russian” leadership of this attack due to the fall of the former Soviet Union.  However, the Bible speaks of the geographic areas of its own day rather than referencing specific modern nations.  The fall of the former Soviet Union is irrelevant to the interpretation of this prophecy.  Perhaps Russia itself will fall and be named another name.  The biblical geography is what is relevant to understanding whom is involved, not the names of the modern nations.

It is tempting to try to interpret the Bible by current events.  However, current events are, in fact, determined by the Bible.  The presupposition of this study is that the Bible is unfailing in its teaching and that history will unfold as it has been prophesied.  Thus, regardless of the future outcomes of any nations currently occupying these areas, the people who occupy this geography at the time of the attack are being specified in this text.

This coalition is said to be “from the North”, though not all of these nations are North of Israel.  The indication is that they are attacking from the North and that their leadership is from the North (modern day Russia).



The necleur war is being discussed now between Iran and Israel. 

 The neclear war is being discussed now Iran and Israel is threatning each other that   they will take each other off the map. 

This is how the rapture would be if it were to happen which evenully it will. This is a example of how this could occur. 

Jesus is real and we are in the end times as we speak this is the actual commercial of the mark of the beast the computer chip for when the antichrist comes to power he will take all his followers and he will give them the chip under their skin and the chip will track wherever the person is.


 If you were to die today where would you spend eternity heaven or hell? Well i hope you take the time out to watch this video it will give you a different look on life as you know it. I pray that you watch this video and change your ways because Hell is very real if you sin you will  be cast in the lake of fire for eternity.Well i pray to God that you watch this video it will change you.


 This is a siqhn on video that appeared over Russia of the cross. This a phonomenol video that i love watching. Cause people when you see this video this is god telling us to stop dodgeing every time a person mentions god to you.Then act like they are wrong i have been telling everyone about jesus and that he is coming back soon long before these siqhns are happening. So everyone just stop and say in your head god i know i have been sinful towards you.Please forgive me for i am a Siner and i am sorry for it this has to come from the heart truthly and then god will hear you and you will be forgived .For he is real just as Satan is real.

 We have personaly ordered a free book off the internet they mail you a complete booklet for information.

The Mayan calender stops on December 21, 2012 many say that this could of been anything that could of hapened. Conquered by different tribes.Or they say it could of been they just left.But like they are saying this is a uncertain thing either way these are all theories also.This disaster is written in the bible.Nostradamous predict it from uncoding the bible.

 This is from NASA has been on the news as you can see!!!!!

The doomsday is on tv everywhere now!!


I found some really Cute Myspace Layouts at

I found some really Cute Myspace Layouts at

This video explain's all the very factual facts about Obama and him being president the video is full of really interesting things so you should watch this it will interest u i hope.

 USA is already talking about war in all of these other places Korea,Iran, with especially as well.

 So if you are a sinner and you really don't think about God and you are so busy with your everyday lives then you need to just make the time wenever you lay in bed at night pray for forgiveness.If you ask truly in your heart, right there your sins will be cleansed.And do this, you will turn around your faith then god will forgive you.That is all you have to do!!!..........good luck.

 We are in fact on the end times. There is in fact the Antichrist and false prophet. and they are right now discussing about there plans of what they are claiming to be. And of what they are saying that they want to be done.

 There is now in our time there is three characters that are trying to deceive us plain and simple there this Benjamin Creme,Maitreya,Raj Patel.

Benjamin Creme false prophet.

Maitreya Satan in   disguise                        

Raj Patel Satan's son aka the Antichrist

 Now these three people are the people you want to look up and do studies on.

Planet x the end...and new begining


This is regarding the predictions going around regarding planet x December,21,2012 Doomsday.We are going to explain to you why this can be such a threat to our earth.Planet x is a planet that orbits our planet every 3600 years.The scientist's and Nostradomus are predicting it through the Mayan calender. On December 21 ,2012 the Mayan calender stops. This is how they know of the 3600 years time frames.

This planet will orbit between our Sun and Earth on December 21,2012 Planet X is fifty times bigger then Earth. So the planet's gravitational pull is very strong.So when the planet goes between the two the gravity of the planet will be pulling against Earth's gravity and quite naturally planet x would be stronger so when that happens it will stop the Earth.And Scientsist predict in Mathalogical studies it will be three days of no orbit at all so the Earth will be still.


When the eaeth is still there will be terrible weather this is not only predicted with Scientist and Nostradamus. It  has been predicted in the Bible Revalations.Some say that the rapture will happen before this happens and leave the sinners in this but like the revelations says only i will know.And NASA has discovered the planet. Planet x is listed on different places on the internet it's on christian networks right on your tv as well. Nibiru has been on the news as well. There is many theories on this topic some say that they think an asteroid or comet will strike earth from planet x. Some say the aliens will return and take over the humans and earth.But either way if something happen's it won't be good.


Isiah 24,1 

Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.


              The weather patterns of Nibiru will be horrific weather there will


be Volacanic eruptions,Tornadoes,flooding,Earthquakes.tsunamis













The Bible says there will be a lot of people who will have a deaf ear to this warning of planet x. A lot of people don't believe this. the people that do believe this are going to prepared for this.When all the flooding and quakes happens they say the Earth will break the poles will shift alot of the world will be underwater Scientists have studied this 2012 Doomsday.Scientist have come up with maps of safe spots in the USA that people may be safe by the levels of the Earth.There is flood maps, safe spot map and more just go to the very top next to my site you wil see map click on that.

Planet x (niburu) dosdIsaiah 24:1 Behold, the Lord makes the earth empty, and makes it This is all on the Internet not just here everyone.But common questions are well if this will happens why don't the Government tell us.Well your correct about why? The government knows all about this they won't tell you cause they don't want to cause hysteria all around the World.If you haven't heard about the huge telescope they built in the poles for this then u should look it up they have one they put it in South pole if everyone hasn't noticed all the signs regarding this i have. Economic deflation,a possible new World leader OBAMA as he says we need CHANGE.All these different weather patterns is telling you ahead of time.



we are already experienceing predictions which are i the revelations today.So people needs to open their eyes.





How many more disasters?








The survival tips is ways to survive as scientist predict. Scientist say a way to survive is to move to higher elavation. You need to stock up on water and foods for 2012.You will need to possibly need  a underground basement or underground shelters with suppllies. There will be many people who won't prepare for this. So they will try to kill or take over people who are prepared.But there will also be people that will want help so people will have to come together for all the humans that will be left.Humans will have to come together and live off the land again. plants and gardening will have to be done to survive this doomsday  you should stock up on seeds in waterproof containers they will be very useful for the future if this Apocalypse happens.                                                                                                              



So i recommend from my studies that u have abundant ammo and weapon's   

for all the vigillanties.     




Scientist's say you need to have at least 1 year worth of supplies.The government is digging underground chambers secretly for the important Senators and richer and more powerful right now. Shooters will shoot anyone who tries to go on site this is also listed on the Internet. 


There is all sorts of survival tips on the computers.We are getting ready to get us a underground shelter dug out and we will call it

shelter x.We will have supplies inside seeds, threads,ammunition,and more that we will need.You should start building one your family to have something to be prepared. We wiil probably start building around October of this year we will keep you updated on our shelter x.


                             I'm sure all of you watch the news allways and you see the Change obama is doing all Obama is doing is making profilts off the people and causing deflation more, He is Changeing the government!!! OBAMA isn't even from the U.S.A!!! 


           I                                                                                                                                                                                            The government is already taking action into hand!!!! I have a cousin that is a nurse at the care center she has worked there 15 years.She said she had to siqn a contract that IF A NATURAL DISASTER were to happen her and her family would be the first to get the medical help because of her skills that would be needed for all the medical one of the fich will cause earth to stop for 3 days because the gravity of planet x is Tbigger and has much stronger gravity then earth.

But why isn't the government talking tDOCTORS, NURSES, PARAMEDICS, ALL MEDICAL PROFFESSIONALShwould  weather patterns, A NEW WORLD LEADER OBAMA now all i ask is that you look into this for yourself. You will find things about it.

 Planet x is a very big planet.Planet x(Nibiru)is very close to our earth right now in our  time.Planet x is a nickname of this planet Nibiru is the actual name of the planet. Everyone that i talk to about this planet say that the government needs to blow up this planet before it reaches December 21,2012 the facts about that is even if they were to try now.The gravity of our planet would be strong enough to pull all the clusters of planet x  straight to earth which would cause an meteor shower the meteor's would be huge and would completely destroy the earth.


There is ways you could prepare for this if something happens. This would be better safe than sorry. There is ways to survive the Scientist and Nostradamus is predicting there are safe spots in the United States. They are listed on the internet. They say the best ways is to stock up on food go to higher ground. If u are wondering how that would save you just going to higher ground you should build a shelter in the ground and put supplies in it. We are preparing for this to the full extent. We prepare for this. Thank you for reading this and god bless you on your choices you matruly believe this will happen. So if You are worried about this you should at least try to ke. Remember December 21th 2012 You have time to prepare.

Well i hope everyone enjoyed my site i am gonna keep it updated on everything happening as best as i can. And if u have a question about anything just leave me a message and your email and i will try to respond as soon as i can. Thanks

I found some really Cute Myspace Layouts at

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